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Virtual Lab Project

The Research and Development Laboratory

Placed by the Virtual Theatre, since it refers to the same technological support, the Laboratory will organize the experiments and projects ordered by the different scientific, industrial, and public customers. The high qualification of the staff and of the technologies installed, and the ability to relate with a variety of professionals, make the Laboratory a unique and attracting source for large and interesting targets.  The Laboratory includes a production division that, among other activities, takes also care of the creation of the virtual theatre contents. The technological equipment includes the devices for 3D scanning, motion tracking, manipulation of virtual elements (data-gloves), and interactive stereoscopic visualization.

How does the Laboratory work?

The problem is not the technology but the interface with the different users and specialist disciplines that in most cases are beyond the Laboratory knowledge. It is clear that a cultural feeling between the customer and the Laboratory is to be created, as it is for a computer analyst who prepares to organize the administrative procedures of a company. Every single project has therefore a person responsible for it that keeps technical relations with the client and shares the needed resources of the different peculiarities of the Laboratory. The Laboratory functions on the basis of a matrix organization.

Application Fields of the VirtualLab Laboratory

  • Conservative reconstruction
  • Simulation & Analysis
  • Training
Architecture & Urban planning
  • Simulation & Analysis
  • Environmental Impact
  • Training

Museum & Cultural Park
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Exposition
  • Simulation of the set
  • Operative set

  • Studies about perception
  • Therapies for Psychological Disorders
  • Installation Maintenance Training
  • Product presentation
  • Reverse engineering

Medicine & Pharmacy
  • Training
  • Virtual tests
  • Pharmacological process simulation
  • Remote Control
  • Environmental Impact
  • Drive simulator

  • Virtual Set
  • Virtual TV Report