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The Virtual Theatre

Placed in a room that can host up to thirty people, with a surrounding stereoscopic screen and spatialized audio, the virtual theatre offers mainly thematic programmes on the urban history of Trieste; a free space-time journey through the region, the architecture and the traditions, reconstructed on the basis of archaeological and historical researches. The technology employed allows to adjust the programme to the type of audience, such as classes, tourists, students.

Usually the journey is led and commented by an expert guide but it can also be recorded and so played back automatically.

The audience is taken for a virtual flight over the region, sees the evolution of the natural environment, the coastline and its access routes; it flies over the city and goes inside it, considers its urban transformation, enters the monuments, meets the inhabitants with the costumes and the dialect of the time.

The programme, which is also a show, enriches the contents developed on historical and scientific basis with an accurate set and animation.

The theatre will also host presentations of urban and architectural, environmental and transportation projects; this interactive visual instrument grants, in fact, the maximum productivity and efficiency at evaluation and analysis meetings.