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Today the opportunity to use 3D digital visualization and Virtual Reality (or Simulation) structures, that offer an innovative technological support of great impact for the communication and divulgation and push toward a new approach to the cultural and scientific heritage, is concrete.

Arsenal has been developing and producing in this sector since 1998, thanks to a solid background acquired in the industrial application of the simulation in the military field. The Virtual Reality that Arsenal presents is the one that fits in the definition: interactivity, free movement in the scene, manipulation of virtual objects, immersive and possibly stereoscopic vision. The most popular aspect of the Virtual Reality is its 3D visualization.

However, this technology offers other powerful applications that are not to be neglected such as remote control, physics-based and dynamics-based simulation, and those so-called Augmented Reality applications, where information related to the observed context is generated. In order to have the complete control of its own projects, Arsenal developed its platform for Virtual Reality applications, based on the open-source software OSG (OpenSceneGraph), to the development of which Arsenal plays a key role.

Virtual Reality Engineering

Our projects are not limited to the development of applications and graphic contents, but they often include the definition and the integration of hardware systems that are specific to each application. Arsenal also commissions sensing and telemetry systems, if needed.

A typical example is our VirtualCamera (V-CAM), realized for live TV broadcasting of sports events, especially sailing races, or X-CAM, employed in the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sector as in the URBIS system for the monitoring of means of transportation and environmental data of the city. There is more information on these projects in the inside pages.

To know more about OpenSceneGraph:

Virtual Camera (V-CAM and X-CAM are some typical VR Engineering systems developed by Arsenal.

3D & multimedia

Arsenal uses some of the tools employed in the Virtual Reality also for projects that do not require particular technical functions but do require more emphasis on the image quality and communication, such as 3D animations and multimedia presentations. Thanks to its background, it is easier for Arsenal to interpret and successfully represent the technical and commercial proposals of industrial firms, scientific institutions and public bodies. The tools that we use the most for the 3D CAD and the animation are Rhinoceros and Lightwave, for the video and the hypermedia are Adobe Première and Macromedia Director. Moreover, the Video Streaming and 360° panoramic images techniques have been part of our web experiences since their appearance.