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2007: Case study: Virtual Showroom in AREA Science Park- Trieste

2004: Case study: Fincantieri S.p.a. Trieste
The Fincantieri S.p.a., the famous Italian marine industry, is designing an holiday cruiser with innovative solutions especially with respect to the interior architecture.

The Basic Designing department employed the virtual reality to check some stages of the design and to explain the innovative ideas of the company better.

Arsenal, starting from 2D files provided by Fincantieri, realized the 3D model with Rhinoceros, then it took care of the aesthetic aspect with Lightwave3D and then imported it in OpenSceneGraph for the stereoscopic visualization through active polarized goggles by Stereographics.

Through different visualization sessions, in which those responsible for the planning were present, many changes have been made because of relevant facts emerged while navigating in real time in the model through the free selection of points of view.

Once the project was strengthen, a DVD video to be included in proposals to shipowners was realized with the walk-through inside the cruiser


Internal stereoscopic walkthrough