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The new Virtual Show room in AREA Science Park- Trieste (february, 2007)


Panoramic and stereoscopic visualizations

AREA Science Park Virtual Reality
A new immersive system for scientific divulgation

Arsenal developed a virtual reality system for AREA Science Park in Trieste, an important and internationally renowned research centre. This installation, that includes rich interactive 3D content, will be used during the visits of important guests as well as of students and classes.

The immersive system is flexible in that it allows both panoramic and stereoscopic visualization with the same hardware, thus making it possible to get professional-level quality while keeping costs low.

Being conceived for a room holding 40 people, this system is able to deliver an effective experience to each spectator in both panoramic and stereoscopic modes. The stereoscopic mode is passive linear and therefore the use of goggles (low-cost polarized glasses which can be worn over regular eyeglasses) is required.

Arsenal also prepared the room, whose layout needed to meet specific requirements imposed by the rendering system and by the graphics content.

The result fits various applications. The panoramic projection (2048x768 pixels) is best suited for viewing exteriors (urban infrastructure, environment) which are ineffective in stereoscopic mode because the human eye is not able to distinguish the depth of distant objects.

On the contrary, objects examined closely (for instance molecules, crystals and insects) benefit from the stereoscopic mode thanks to the eye's depth perception at short distances. For such objects the panoramic view is usually not necessary.

The system has been entirely designed and assembled by Arsenal through an accurate balancing of performance, reliability and budget....

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