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Blue Box onboard of TuttaTrieste at the Nations' Cup 2003


V-CAM The Service

V-CAM is mainly provided as a service.
Arsenal manages all stages, live broadcasting included, providing the TV channel or the widescreen with fluid images, shots and data consistent with the race actions, scenes meant for effect.

With V-CAM, the event has to be planned in time, to ensure a reliable and successful performance. In fact, the programme has to prevent overlappings with other equipment engagements and, moreover, there is the need to start logistical actions in advance and, not less important, the work for graphics customization and for local environmental checks.

The main activities are:
  • Coverage checking for onsite data transmission (GPRS/UMTS)
  • Collecting and gathering of digital cartographic data for landscape 3D models 
  • Creation of landscape 3D models
  • Collecting of drawings, plans and pictures of the boats
  • Coordination with the TV channel and/or the widescreen supplier
  • Activation of the onsite ADSL connection  if not existing
  • Activation of the onsite electric energy supply if not existing

The event organizer has to resolve which yachts to trace with V-CAM and to facilitate the contact with the shipowners and designers involved to receive the drawings and pictures needed for the making of 3D models of the boats in time. Moreover, during the race the organizer will provide assistance to inform on the marks' position and eventual reductions of the course.

The V-CAM system requires the installation of the BlueBox on the yacht. The operation is simple and consists in securing firmly the device on the aft pulpit with three or four short lines; then the set-up of the of the BlueBox orientation, which is made ashore on the console, follows.

The BlueBox is self-powered with a battery life of more than twelve hours; if the event is carried out for several days, Arsenal supplies a night charge and the reinstallation on board.

Usually the Arsenal team applies and turns on the BlueBox but the operation is so simple that it can be done with no problem even by the crew.