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Blue Box on-board of TuttaTrieste at Nation's Cup 2003



Arsenal has been operating since 1998. Its founder, Engineer Piero Miceu, has a twenty-year experience in the aerospace industry where the Simulation is used by the Air Force. At the end of the ‘90s the Simulation technology, or Virtual Reality, begins to be affordable also for users that are not inclined to invest extremely large amounts of money on military applications. The stabilization of this trend is decisive in the decision of investing in the “civilian” market.

So the founder gathers a group of enthusiastic specialists that share the same goal: the development of Virtual Reality projects with a clearly technical orientation, but without disdaining multimedia projects.

Arsenal strategy and know-how

The Arsenal strategy has been, and still is, to finance the research and the development of its Virtual Reality tools with more popular activities based on computer graphics, as multimedia and web. This path, even though difficult but pursued tenaciously, enabled the company to realize a series of Virtual Reality projects that now allow to clearly distinguish the Arsenal profile, that is its technological and scientific character, outdistancing it from a large group of firms that offer their products generically on the market of computer graphics and multimedia.

The realization of a development platform and other software tools, that now allow the complete control of the technologies involved, was essential in this process.The constant up-to-date knowledge of the graphics processors’ technology, indispensable to always obtain the best performance in the real-time rendering, critical aspect of the Virtual Reality, is as much important.

Another ability that Arsenal acquired is that of programming with the highest attention to the human perception factors: in fact, the real-time rendering, that uses hardware resources intensively, imposes economy on the complexity of graphic contents and therefore stimulates the research of simplified and efficient solutions.


Arsenal integrates its know-how with the cooperation of the local University for the Psychology of Perception, a very relevant factor for every aspect of the HCI (Human- Computer Interface) and the Usability involved in the Virtual Reality.
The Arsenal activities are carried out according to the rules of Quality Systems applicable to its process and with the Project Management tools for the planning and control; both disciplines were experienced in the industrial past of the founders.

For the Virtual Camera system, the BlueBox installed on-board of maxi yachts was accomplished for Arsenal by t&t telematica e trasporti - Ruda (UD)