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V-CAM highlights the distance between yachts


V-CAM Performances
The yachts' dynamics is reproduced on the basis of the interpolation of position and rotation data received at the rate of one data packet per second.Through the V-Cam console the operator has at his disposal nine virtual video cameras, each one of them can be pointed in any direction, allowing to broadcast always the most significant and enchanting shot, as a bird's-eye view describing the situation of the whole sailing course or a close view of two yachts engaged while rounding the mark.

Data displayed by V-CAM:
  • Short yacht trace (wake)
  • Yacht speed (in knots)
  • Yacht identification name
  • Distance and advantage between couples of yachts, in meters
  • Distance between yacht and mark
  • Marks' position
  • Race course plot (lines joining the mark)
  • Grid on the sea, 100m step
  • lay lines
All data can be either visible or hidden

Yacht 3D model:
  • Full scale, included equipment and sails'
  • Sponsor banner on hull and sails
  • Sails position according to the wind
  • Roll angle according to the wind

Landscape 3D model:
  • Coastline and hinterland full scale
  • Urban details