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please, visit our YouTube channel where You can find some computer graphic animations and videos taken from our proprietary immersive Real Time navigation system.

Walktrough in stereoscopia


3D & Multimedia - Video presentations

Arsenal uses some of the tools employed in the Virtual Reality also for projects that do not require particular technical functions but do require more emphasis on the image quality and communication, such as 3D animations and multimedia presentations.

Thanks to its background, it is easier for Arsenal to interpret and successfully represent the technical and commercial proposals of industrial firms, scientific institutions and public bodies.

The tools that we use the most for the 3D CAD and the animation are Rhinoceros and Lightwave, for the video and the hypermedia are Adobe Première and Macromedia Director. 

Below there are some low resolution RealVideo clips obtained from original PAL (720 x 576 pixel) video realized by Arsenal.

Presentation realized for t&t telematica e trasporti (Ruda(UD) operating in Intelligent Transport Systems.
(Real Video ADSL clip)

Animations from the multimedia presentation commissioned by a pharmaceutical firm, used to explain dissolution and absorption processes.
(Real Video ADSL clip)

Presentation realized by Arsenal for The Fincantieri S.p.a., the famous Italian marine industry, illustrating an holiday cruiser with innovative solutions especially with respect to the external architecture.

Animation realized to improve marketing operation of an artistic, particular, iron chessboard  and chess-set.
(Real Video ADSL clip

A look around a new building of the Astronomic Observatory of Basovizza (TS) sunk into its proposed location.
(Real Video ADSL clip