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V-CAM provides real time graphics for the virtual representation of dynamic events, increasing the value of the information with the addition of data processed by the computer.
In sports, the typical application of V-CAM are sailing races. Everything that takes place within the sailing course is immediately reproduced in realistic 3D graphics for television broadcasting or for projection. A virtual video camera with no position or movement restraints films the race.

The TV presence in this sport is still poor because of the high costs of shooting that, willing to provide a clear vision of the sailing course, requires an helicopter. Therefore, the interest in sailing races, even when the event is prestigious and largely sponsored, is confined between sailors and a limited entourage of passionately fonds. And yet, sailing has the right qualities to entertain even a larger public, as it is in Formula 1.

We have developed V-CAM thinking about all this. Our system is within the reach of not only few organizations specialized in big national and international sailing events but also of many clubs. For the latters, the V-Cam experience can start with a widescreen or a local TV broadcasting. Then, also national channels will be interested in adding to their programme schedule the proposals of those clubs that assure the spectacle and the informative value given by V-CAM.

V-CAM required more than two years of experimentation and development. Experienced reporters and skippers gave important advice to achieve an effective and enchanting product for the spectator, to them we express our gratitude. The main goals of the project were: a reasonable cost of the service, with an eye on local and regional targets, and the precision of the system, to ensure the objectivity of the information as well as atmosphere and spectacle.


V-CAM onboard of TuttaTrieste at the Nation Cup 2003