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 Urbis project


Immersive Control System (X-CAM)

URBIS (R) (Urban Mobility Intelligent System)

X-CAM was adopted for example by the t&t telematica e trasporti (Ruda(UD) for the Urbis (R) system, meant for the modern management of the public transportation of the city. The SBXs, devices installed on the bus (produced by t&t), transmit data such as position (GPS), concentration of polluting gases, acoustic noise and the number of passengers on board.

Thanks to the X-CAM console the operator, in addition to the 3D visualization of the city and of the buses in motion, can access a set of tables that provides him a global and direct overall view of the traffic situation, in an effective and simple way.

Arsenal personalized the X-CAM software on the basis of t&t requirements. The system is composed of a data processing and real-time rendering station and of an immersive visualization console
The visualization takes place on a surrounding panoramic screen, composed of three rear-projected panels next to each other which form a single two-meter wide display without discontinuity.

The operator moves in the scene using a SpaceBall (a special mouse with six degrees of freedom.

The software is planned to receive, through the Internet or wireless networks, external data such as position (GPS).

The environment 3D models are obtained from the public numerical cartography, that allows to create an accurate 3D model of the city.