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The new Virtual Show room in AREA Science Park- Trieste (february, 2007)


Panoramic and stereoscopic visualizations

AREA Science Park Virtual Reality
SOFTWARE and 3D content

Arsenal also developed the VR content that includes both 3D graphics models and custom C++ code written for OpenSceneGraph, an open-source library whose development is actively supported by Arsenal. In order to ensure a smooth viewing experience and to achieve the best trade-off between graphics detail and rendering performance (frame rate), the 3D content is tailored specifically to the hardware's processing power.

The virtual scenes offer an overall view over the territory of the province of Trieste covered with orthorectified aerial photos. Trieste's urban infrastructure, the AREA Science Park campus and the nearby Sincrotrone Elettra as well as their interiors and laboratories are reproduced with higher detail. All features are georeferenced.

It is possible to navigate the 3D scene in real time. Data and information contextual to the navigation can be extracted from a database and displayed over the rendered graphics.

In the virtual laboratories interactive demonstrations or animations reproduce processes and phenomena, such as the generation of the synchrotron light from the Elettra electron storage ring, for teaching or institutional purposes. Some demonstrations are performed in stereoscopic mode as for example DNA duplication or PCR, action of pharmaceutical carriers on mucous membranes, operation of scanning probe microscopes such as SEM and STM and Atomic Microscopes such as AFM.


The virtual laboratories interactive demonstrations or animations was created and implemented by Arsenal, who developed its graphics content as well. For this project Arsenal cooperated with Immaginario Scientifico- Trieste , APE Research -Trieste and with Elettra Laboratory- Sinchrotron -Trieste, who planned and provided all the didactic and scientific storyboards.


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