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The new Virtual Show room in AREA Science Park- Trieste (february, 2007)


Panoramic and stereoscopic visualizations

AREA Science Park Virtual Reality

A 5-metre-wide curved screen is used in order to improve the sensation of immersivity and to reduce the amount of light reflected outside the screen to the minimum.

The system combines two 6500 ANSI Lumens DLP ProjectionDesign projectors, provided with motorized lenses in order to achieve the convergence and the divergence of the projection beams required to switch between panoramic and stereoscopic modes.

In panoramic mode (two 1024x768 frames tiled horizontally) video signals are processed by two SiliconOptix scalers which compensate for distortions introduced by the curved screen (warping) and fade the two projected images in the overlap region (edge blending).

In stereoscopic mode (two 1024x768 frames overlapped in the centre), two linear polarizing filters that can be adjusted on their axis are placed in front of the lenses. Each filter can be enabled and disabled through a motorized system developed by Arsenal.

All servo movements are controlled via software. The system management is made possible through a user-friendly graphic interface suitable for non-experienced users.

Except for the projectors, the whole hardware is assembled inside a 19-inch, 22 units rack. In order to protect the lamps from overheating, all devices, projectors included, are powered by a 2700VA UPS. The graphics workstation, which features a dual-core P4 Extreme CPU, 2GB of RAM, a Nvidia Quadro FX4500 GPU, is supported by a server workstation that provides remote control functionality for the projectors as well as for the servo actuators.

The projectors are installed onto a truss system through a tilt-adjustable mount interface that guarantees mechanical stability in both modes of operation.

Professional long-distance video cables with gold-plated pins, one DVI and one VGA for each projector, were chosen in order to preserve the image quality over ten meters.

Navigation within the 3D scene is controlled by a 3DConnexion SpacePilot device with 6 degrees of freedom.

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