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Online gaming:

A series of online learning games on research topics, based on an interactive 3D platform as well, are included in the virtual reality project for AREA Science Park. Online players form teams that compete against each other during planned sessions supervised by a Master who can step in to help players on issues regarding the quest. In these games, teams are engaged in a sort of treasure hunt where they are required to complete a track consisting of traps and scientific puzzles. The 3D scene accurately reproduces the campus and the players who are rendered as avatars, 3D characters able to walk, fly and gesture. The game, which is implemented in Blaxxun technology, is displayed inside the standard web browser through the Contact plug-in.

An entire working team was involved in the six-months development of this innovative and therefore experimental project. The aspects that will have to be monitored and re-examined are numerous, especially those concerning teaching strategies, animation and netiquette rules.


The game was created and implemented by Arsenal, who developed its graphics content as well. For this project Arsenal cooperated with Dr. Marco Francese, research doctor in AREA, who planned and developed the game's architecture, rule system, animation and support criteria, as well as the promotion methods for the game and for the selection of players. Walter Stor and Robert Lionello (members of Research group "Bottega delle Percezioni") took care of the technological aspects for the interactivity and the special effects in the virtual scene, as well as the configuration of a dedicated server.


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